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Number 4 - Alfred Boot, Newsagent

There are two joys to this beautiful photograph - the striking people themselves, and the variety of posters adorning their shop. The premises were on Albert Road, and although it was a terrace home like so many others, they had turned it into a commercial business. The signs are gems in their own right (just magnify them to see for yourself) - the Mexborough and Swinton Times bill speaks of Offences at Denaby, a fire alert and collision, and Mexborough Empire Palace was showing The Devil's Eye and Copper Beeches. The window is also crammed with goods, from baby rattles to elegant photocards. All-in-all a terrific glimpse of local life.

Remember, to magnify portions of the photo, hold down your left mouse button and move the magnified portion. If you cannot see the photo, you need a current Flash player for your browser.

Unfortunately Google Streets didn't go the whole length of Albert Road, hence the poor photo below,
showing the property now.