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Number 1 - Frederick Street, Mexborough

Welcome to the first in our series of Spotlight, where we showcase some of the outstanding items in the Society's collection. This beautiful and rare photograph, taken around 1906 by cameraman John Crowther-Cox of Rotherham, looks down Frederick Street, towards Wath Road. Midway down the street on the right-hand side, women shovel coal into their cellar; and midway down the left, the larger gap was the entrance to Crowcroft's hauliers business. Before many people had cars, it was easy for the lorries to back into the yard, but as time - and prosperity - grew, it became increasingly difficult to manoeuvre the vehicles in and out. The lower end of the street was sliced across by the Relief Road - formerly it joined onto Britain Street via a walled yard.
Remember, to magnify portions of the photo, hold down your left mouse button and move the magnified portion. If you cannot see the photo, you need a current Flash player for your browser.

 We are grateful to Dave Fordham, who kindly loaned us the photo.

...and for comparison, here is a similar view today, from Google Streets: