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25th January 2017
Harold Massingham, Mexborough's other poet by another poet from Mexborough Ian Parks
Most people have heard of the Mexborough poet Ted Hughes, but his contemporary at Mexborough Grammar Scholl, Harold Massingham, has been virtually forgotten.
In this talk Mexborough born poet and lecturer Dr Ian Parks will talk about his lifelong passion for the poetry of Harold Massingham and the Mexborough of the 1930’s and 1940’s in which he grew up, and which exerted such a powerful influence on his work

22nd February 2017
The 1912 Royal Visit to South Yorkshire, by Bill Lawrence.
Just prior to the First World War Britain was embroiled in bitter industrial and political unrest. In 1912 the coalfields of the north had just emerged from the first national miners’ strike then it was decided that it might be expedient to organise a royal visit to the industrial north.
The visit was to give King George V the opportunity to meet ‘ordinary’ working people and inspect their workplaces.
As expected, photographers were busy in recording this event.
Bill Lawrence has assembled a number of these photos and is able to present them to trace the King and Queen’s route and progress in the region.

29th March 2017
Gwens Diary
All about Gwen who although born in New Zealand comes all the way to Rawmarsh to follow in her fathers foot steps including going down the Pit, although not a Mexborough related talk still one that could be fascinating none the less.

Talks are held on the last Wednesday of the month at 7.15p.m. at: The Concertina Club, Mexborough.


28th September Mexborough and it's former pottery industry by Graham Oliver & Giles Brearley. Before deep coal mining gripped the area employment in Mexborough was heavily involved with the pottery industry. This is not surprising considering the abundance of coal, flint and ready water supply. Assorted potteries turned out utilitarian pottery and porcelain which was sent all over the world. Rock guitarist and pottery historian Graham Oliver and local historian Giles Brearley will delve into history of this now forgotten major industry. Old photos, film and actual examples of wares produced will help in the presentation. This could drive you pottery!!

26th October Mexborough Memories : An Evening with Charlie Shaw Charlie Shaw has lived all of his ninety two years in Mexborough and is the oldest and long standing member of Mexborough Heritage Society. With the help of old photos Charlie will, during an interview, relay to the audience his interesting and eventful live in Mexborough from his earliest days in Church Street to more recent times. Join Charlie and friends at this unique and what should prove to be fascinating evening.

30th November Mexborough and the Great War in 1916 by Bill Lawrence As part of the Society’s commemoration of the centenary of the Battle of the Somme in 1916, Bill Lawrence will give a presentation featuring the people of Mexborough during the year 1916. The talk will look at the consequences of conscription and how the surge of recruitment to the forces impacted on the local community. The talk will also include the question of preparation for the ‘Big Push’ and the Mexborough men who were involved in the Battle of the Somme itself.