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St Aiden’s Hall.      May 2000

Almshouses       27th March 2001

The American Civil War and its Effects on Mexborough.  24th September 1996

Aviation and Mexborough Aerodrome (Highwoods)   25th March 2003, 26th October 2004, October 2009.

Archaeological Digs     29th June 1993



The Bag Muck Strike.     28th November 1995, 28th October 2003

Barnburgh, Barnburgh Hall, Dove Cote, etc.  27th September 1994, 31st October 2000

Thomas Barron and the Phoenix Glassworks. 26th October 1993

The Voyages of Alexandra & Walter Barron  30th October 2007

Maisbeli.  The Battle of Mexborough.   28th November 2000

BBC        28th September 2004

Boer War.       8th May 2000

Boxing       27th November 2001

Brodsworth Hall and its Conservation.  26th September 1995

Brown Fredrick William (Cabinet Maker)  25th February 2003



Canals       July 1992, 29th June 1993, 27th October 1998, 24th November 1998.

Caroline and the First Miss World   Feb 2007

Castle of Mexborough.  31st October 2000, 27th April 2004

Census Returns.  A Study of the 1851 Census Returns of Mexborough. 30th April 1996

Christmas.  The Origins of the Modern Christmas.  2nd December 1995

Church (St John the Baptist C of E Church)   27th January 2004, 24th February 2004, 30th March 2004

Church School. (St John the Baptist School or National School)  30th January 2001

Church Street.       27th March 2001, 28th September 2004

English Civil War       28th November 2000

Coal Mining       24th November 1992, 28th November 1995, 24th. September 1996, 29th April 2003, 28th October 2003

Coat of Arms      30th March 2004

Co-Operative.  The Early History of Mexborough Co-Operative Society. 26th November 1996

Crosses       7th December 2004



D-Day.  A Local Hero of the D-Day Invasion.  28th June 1994

Denaby Main Colliery.     24th September 1996

Diana Princess of Wales.  A Record of the Events and Activities Leading Upton and Including the Funeral of the Princess of Wales.  From a Local Perspective.  30th September 1997

Directories (Trade) 1877 & 1906    March 1993

Disasters.  The Sheffield Flood 1864   29th September 1998

Doctors Information For.     30th January 2001

Dolcliffe Road School.     8th May 2000, 28th September 2004

River Don.    26th September 2000, 27th November 2007

Doncaster Road.      30th January 2001

Doncaster Road School,     27th September 1994

Doomsday Book      28th November 2000

Drill Hall       Jan. 2003, 23rd Feb. 2010



Earl of Mexborough  30th January 2001, 26th September 2006, 31st October 2006, January 2007.

Education    27th October 1992, 27th September 1994

Electricity    31st. October 1995, February 1999

Entertainment   July 1992, 27th October 1992, 28th September 1993



Famous People from Yorkshire  29th September 1992

Ferry (Mexborough)   25th May 1993

Fire Station     28th January 2006

First World War.  Enlistment in Mexborough.  8th May 2000

Floods.  The Great Flood of 2007. 25th Sept. 2007

Friendly Societies. The Oddfellows 26th Jan. 2010



Glass.  Mexborough Man Buried in a Glass Coffin.  28th November 2000

Glassby Robert (Sculpture to Queen Victoria). 27th March 2001, 30th March 2004, 26th October 2004

Glassworks       26th October 1993, 24th September 2001

Glebe Farm, Church Street, Mex.   27th March 2001

Golden Flitch, Ale House, Bank Street.  25th Nov. 2008

Grammar School Mexborough  24th February 1998, 31st March 1998



Sapper Hackett V.C.   25th April 2006

Hague Iron     October 2009

Health     27th July 1993, 30th November 1993, 28th April 1998

Hickleton Hall.    25th October 1994

Hickleton Main Colliery   24th September 1996

The Hope Club    31st October 1995



Industry     July 1992, 29th June 1993, 26th October 1993

Inns, Taverns & Public Houses  25th Nov. 2008

Iron Hague     October 2009

Ivor the Engine    28th January 2006



Jagger Charles Sargeant. Sculptor.  24th September 2001





Library. The Opening and history of the old Carnegie Free Library, Bank Street, Mexborough and the opening of the new library on John Street. February 1993

Living Condition in Mex. When the Pits Were Being Sunk  29th April 2003

The Local History Room       24th February 2004

The Local Board (Forerunner of the Urban District Council) 27th July 1993

The Lord of the Manor of Mexborough.  When it was purchased by Montagu.       24th November 1992

The Lord of the Manor of Mexborough.  When it was sold by Montagu

       February 1996

The Sinking of the Lusitania and its Effects of Mexborough and District.

30th September 2003



The Death of Princess Margaret  26th February 2001

Market Street.     30th January 2001

The Methodist Religion    27th March 2001

Mexborough Lord of the Manor.  24th September 2001

Mexborough the Earl of    30th January 2001, Sept. 2006, Oct. 2007, Jan. 2007

The Origins of Mexborough   May 1994, 28th November 2000

Mexborough a Short History of   29th October 2002

Mexborough in 1854    29th November 1994

Mexborough at the End of the 2nd World War.30th May 1995

Mexborough in 1968    24th September 1996

Mexborough & District Heritage Society.  The History of it. 25th November 1997

The Disbandment of Mexborough Local Board 1894. 28th March 1995

Mexborough’s Millennium.  CD of illustrations.  27th March 2000

Mexborough Urban District Council.  Useful dates and events 1894-1931.  23rd February 1999.

Mexborough Urban District Council.  When roads and streets were surfaced for the first time.  This indicates when houses were constructed.  30th March 1999

Mexborough Market.  The Moving of Mexborough Market From Market Square.  24th September 1996.

Miscellaneous     April 1993, 25th October 1994, 26th July 1994

Miss World the First One.   February 2007

Montagu Andrew Fountayne – Wilson. (Lord of the Manor of Mexborough).  24th September 2001

Montagu Hospital     30th November 1993, 28th April 1998

Montague Burton Gents Outfitters & Ballroom. 25th January 2003



Norman Conquest in 1066?  Not here it wasn’t. 27th March 2007.



Oddfellows Friendly Society.    26th Jan. 2010



Parsonage (Home of the Earls of Mex.)  30th January 2001

Pits       29th April 2003, 28th October 2003

Ports.  Was Mexborough a Port in Medieval Times? 25th Sept. 2007

The Postal Service     March 1993

The Potteries of Mexborough & District. 28th April 1999, 28th February 2000, 30th January 2001, 24th September 2001, 27th November 2001, 30th October 2001

Public Houses     July 1992

How the Present Day Public Houses of Mexborough & District Got Their Names.      25th May 1999

Public Transport     28th February 2006



The Accession to the Throne of Queen Elizabeth II. 26th February 2002

The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II    26th March 2002

The Death of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother  30th April 2002



Railways        28th January 2006

A Short History of the Roads in Mexborough to 1894 29th April 1994

Roads        July 1992, 28th February 2000

Retail, Woolworths      2nd April 2009

Royal Electric Theatre      30th March 2004



Sapper Hackett V.C. Memorial Resited.   March 1997

Second World War       May 2000, 29th January 2002

In Service        February 2007

The Sheffield Flood 1864      29th September 1998, 27th November 2001

Ships.  Local Firms that Owned Ships.   26th March 1994

South Yorkshire Times      2nd April 2009

Strikes.  Withdrawal of Labour.  The Bag Muck Strike. 28th November 1995

St John the Baptist Parish Church. April 1997, 27th January 2004, 24th February 2004, 30th March 2004

St. John the Baptist School.  Its Moving from Bank St. 24th September 1996

St. John the Baptist School.  Some of its History  28th October 1996, 30th January 2001

The Lectures of Dr. Sykes (Victorian Local Historian). 30th November 2004, 7th December 2004.



Telephone.  When it First Came to Mexborough.    26th March 1996

Temperance Movement.      31st October 1995

Tracklesses (Trolley Bus).  The Demolition of the Last Trackless Stop.  March 1997

Trade Directory 1902.      24th September 2002




Victoria Cross Heroes.  Mexborough’s Involvement in the making of this Channel 5 Programme.        30th January 2007

The History of the Victoria Cross    28th March 2006

V.C. Holder, Sapper Hackett     25th April 2006

V.C.  The Monument to Sapper Hackett V.C. is Resited. March 1997.

V.E. Day.        25th April 1995

Three Visits to Victorian Mexborough    27th November 2007



Waddington.       28th November 2000

War Memorial.       24th September 2002, 29th October 2002

Wartime Memories       29th Jan 2008, 23rd Feb 2010

Watson Norman.  Local Historian 1906 - 2000.  26th October 2004

Inland Waterways.       27th October 1998, 24th November 1998, 25th Sept. 2007 (Was Mexborough a Port in Medieval Times?)

Who Do You Think You Are?  Mexborough’s involvement in the production of this BBC programme.       28th September 2004

Woolworths        2nd April 2009.



Yorkshire Castles.       28th February 2000

Yorkshire Pudding.      8th May 2000

Local Yorkshire Words and Phrases.    February 1997