In 1931 Mr F.W. Brown, Joiner, Cabinet Maker, French Polisher and Undertaker, decided that he was prosperous enough to build his family a new house in Harlington, near Mexborough. He and his wife Sarah, and his two daughters, who would later both become teachers, were all excited and took photographs to show the progress as the house was under construction. It was named 'Cornerways' and is still standing today (with extensions)
Mr Brown decided to use his carpentry skills to do some of the woodwork inside himself. There is a staircase and carvings of male and female heads that can be attributed to him.
Both Mr Brown's daughters chose teaching as their profession. As was the custom of the time, a female teacher could only marry if they gave up working. Whether this was the case or not, both daughters never married. One of them eventually became a Head Teacher and travelled around the world on her holidays. A very noticable event, when most people never had holidays, let alone the spare money to pay for one, especially abroad.
Mr Brown died on 11th January 1952, aged 80, and his wife, Sarah, died the following year on 3rd April, aged 85. Both are buried in Barnburgh Cemetery.
Our late President, Mr Norman Watson, who incidently was related to the Browns, carefully preserved among his own artefacts, a fascinating glimpse into the life of the Browns in an old suitcase. All of which are now in the Archives of the Mexborough Heritage Society and housed at the History Room within Mexborough Library. Among the Brown artefacts is a letter from Switzerland from the elder daughter, May, to her younger sister, dated 15th June 1929.

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This month we continue with the list was taken from a Trade Directory by our late President Mr Norman Watson. Is your ancestor mentioned here? Can you remember some of the names? Although Mr Watson wrote no date on his copy we believe it to be from around the beginning of the last century, possibly 1902.

Hunt George.
Foreman. 32 Hallgate.
Hunt Geroge. V.
Insurance Agent. 34 Hallgate.
Hunter Melburn.
Confectioner. 14 Bank Street. Hunters Limited.
Tea Dealers. 23 High Street. Huntington Thomas.
Joiner & Builder. 9 Pitt Street & Doncaster Road.
Hustler George.
Boot Repairer. Church Street. Instone John.
Shopkeeper. 73 High Street.
Jackson Mrs Elizabeth. Confectioner. 130 Doncaster Road. Jackson Mrs Mary.
Drpr. & Milliner. 104 Doncaster Road. Jarvis Mrs Annie.
Dressmaker. Bank Street.
Jarvis William.
2 Albert Place.
Jenkinson Henry.
Monumental Mason. 19 Adwick Road. Jennings William.
Undertaker. Main Street.
Johnson George.
156 Doncaster Road.
Johnson William.
Pork Butcher. 126 Doncaster Road. Jones William.
Shopkeeper. 28 Hope Street.
Kelly Mrs Sarah.
23 Schofield Street.
King Frederick.
Farmer. 81 Church Street.
King Frederick.
Tailor. 11 Market Street.
Kirby Mrs Martha.
Hardware Merchant. Vine Cottage, Doncaster Road.
Kitchen Arthur.
Bootmaker. Main Street.
Lacy William Holgate.
Draper. 42 1/2 Main Street & 50 High St Lavender Sam.
Picture Frame Maker. 36 Swinton Rd. Law Edward.
Pork Butcher. 86 Bank Street & Fruiterer, Main Street.
Law Frederick.
Grocer, Butcher, Wine & Spirit Merchant & Boot Dealer. 38 Church St. & 134 Doncaster Road.
Lawrence Charles.
Shopkeeper. 39 Doncaster Road.
Lazenby Chaplin.
Bldr. & Contractr. Rock House. Albert Road.
Leach Miss Louisa.
Girls' Day School. Main Street.
Lee Abraham.
Hay & Straw Dealer. Main Street & Helena Street.
Lee James. A. R.
Chemist. Doncaster Road.
Leeman Harry.
Fried Fish Dealer. 7 Dolcliffe Road.
Lefley Albert.
Poultry Dealer. 5 High Street.
Lewis John.
Farmer. 4 Church Street.
Lewis Theo.
Cart Owner. John Street.
Linstead Mrs Betsy.
Shopkeeper. 9 Clay Lane.
Liversidge Henry Edward.
Assistant Overseer & Rate Collector, Council Offices.
Lockwood Mrs Emma.
Farmer. 114 Church Street.
Long Albert.
Earthenware Dealer. 63 High Street.
Long John & Sons.
Glass & China Dealers. Main Street.
Lovat William.
Sexton, Cemetery.
Lowe John jun.
Vict. George & Dragon. 49 Church St.
Mack Mrs Clara.
Shopkeeper. 44 Swinton Road.
Makin Edward.
Clogger. 73a High Street.
Makin George.
Clogger & Bootmaker. 9 High Street. Mallison Jn.
Coal Merchant.G.C.R. Goods Yard. h. Main Street.
Marsden Arthur.
District Supt. Refuge Assurance Co. Limited. Sanquhar Villa. Doncaster Rd
Marsh Mrs.
The Hawthorns. Doncaster Road.
Marshall George.
Draper & Milliner. 32 & 34 High St.
Marshall Mrs Sarah.
Shopkeeper. 17 Adwick Road. Marsland James.
Grocer, Beer Retailer & Smallware dealer. 16 Doncaster Road.
Mawson Joe Albert.
Confectioner & Baker. 77 High Street.