Extract from Mexborough South Yorkshire Times. Saturday August 27th 1921.
The war memorial committee met on Friday, Mr. D.S. Humphreys presiding. It was stated that the fund now amounts to 579, and in view of the unlikelihood that it will be increased by any substantial amount, the committee decided to abandon the original proposal to erect a statue of an infantryman, and they now have it in contemplation to erect a
monument in red granite at a cost consistent with the fund raised. As with the original scheme, the monument will bear the names of the fallen. It is possible that the question of site may also be reconsidered. The adopted site is on the new Market Place.
The memorial, standing 14'6" heigh and weighing 8 tons 11 cwt was eventually commissioned on Castle Hill, Doncaster Road, and inaugurated on November 11 1922.

The following list was taken from a Trade Directory by our late President Mr Norman Watson. Is your ancestor mentioned here? Can you remember some of the names?
Although Mr Watson wrote no date on his copy we believe it to be from around the beginning of the last century, possibly 1902.

Adamson John Henry. Ironmonger, 132 Doncaster Rd.
Adamson Reuben. Confectioner & Tobacconist, 55 High Street & Main Street.
Addy Mrs. Sarah Ann.
Boot & Shoe Manufacturer, 34 Swinton Rd.
Agus John H.
Fried Fish Shop, 7 Bank Street.
Ainley James. Walter.
Chemist, druggist, seedsman & postmaster. 1 Market Street.
Allen Mrs. Elizabeth.
Park Villa, Park Road.
Allen Harrison L.
Tripe Dealer, Main Street.
Allen Thomas.
Manager, Prospect House, Dolcliffe Rd.
Allen William.
Foreman, 112 Doncaster Rd.
Alvey William.
22 Bank Street.
Ambler Tom.
Shopkeeper, 34 Doncaster Rd.
Anderson Rev. Thomas (Gong) Dolcliffe Rd.
Andrew William.
Tobacconist, 64 Bank Street.
Athron Thomas.
Shopkeeper & Beer Ret. 23 Simpson's Place.
Atkinson James.
Grocer, 72 Church Street.
Atkinson John D.
Grocer, 92 & 94 Doncaster Rd.
Axon John.
Boot & Shoe Maker & Clogger. Main Street.
Ayrton William 0. Beerhouse, 30 Doncaster Rd.
Bacon John.
Blacksmith, Old Brewery Yard.
Bailey Frank.
Manager, Main Street. Bailey Watson H.
Greengrocer, 107 Market Street.
Banks Mrs. Lavinia.
Apartments, 12 Market Street.
Barnett Mrs. Mary.
Shopkeeper, 20 Wood Street.
Barnett William.
Auctioneer & Furniture Dealer, 30 Swinton Rd.
Barron Thomas.
Lim. Glass Bottle Manufrs & Aerated Water Manufrs, Phoenix & Don Glass Works; T.N. 12.
Barron Edgar.
Secretary, Primrose House, Main Street.
Barron Thomas.
Manufr. Wetram Ho. Simpson's Place.
Barron Walter.
Manufr., 21 Glass House Lane.
Bateman Rev. William Henry Fraser, M.A.
Vicar. The Vicarage, Church Street.
Bayes George Henry.
Tailor, 2a High Street. Beaumont Joseph.
Butcher, 13 High Street. Beaumont Mrs. Martha.
43 Belmont Street.
Beckett J. & Willis.
Drapers, Ivy Parade, High Street Beckett Lister.
Foreman Painter, The Poplars, Adwick Rd.
Beevers James.
Boat Owner, 133 Market Street. Bell Joshua.
Farmer & Carter, Church Street. Bell William.
Manager, 74 Bank Street. Bendelow & Bennett. Plasterers, Builders, Wheelwrights & Blacksmiths, 25 Simpson's Place & Dolcliffe Rd.
Bendelow Herbert.
(B & B ), Builder, Edward Cottages, Albert Road.
Bennett George.
Vict. Ferry Boat & Farmer, 55 Church Street.
Bennett George C.
(B & B ), Builder, 31 Helena St. Beresford Herbert.
Beerhouse, 44 Bank Street. Biggs William.
Beerhouse, 22 High Street. Biggs William.
Vict. Masons' Arms, 33 Doncaster Rd.
Binney William.
Pork Butcher, 7 High Street. Birks M & S.
Bootmakers, Main Street.
Bisby George.
Boat Owner, Church Street. Bisby John.
Cart Owner, 2 Glasshouse Lane. Bland George.
Advertisement Canvasser, 16 Helena Street.
Blenkiron Thomas. Shopkeeper, Don View, Doncaster Rd.
Blunt Isaiah.
Beerhouse, 11 High Street. Booth George W.
Draper, 70 Bank St. & Main St. Boyes Mrs. Harriet.
57 Dolcliffe Rd. Brailsford & Co.
Cigar Manufrs, 45 High Street; & Sheffield.
Brammer Joseph. Shopkeeper, 12 Bank Street. Bray Henry & Co.
Furniture Dealer, 114 High St. Breeze Mrs. Hannah. Dressmaker, Main Street.
Brittain Arthur S.
Pawnbroker & Jeweller, Main St. & Rotherham.
Brown Miles.
Builder & Contractor, Hallgate.
Brumpton Charles.
Secretary Montagu Hospital & Insurance Agent.
Byars George.
Bootmaker, Main Street & 9 The Arcade.
Bullock John.
Grocer, 2 High Street.
Butler William.
Clerk, 4 Albert Place.
Butler William.
Storekeeper, 172 Doncaster Rd. Callow Park Dairy Co. Limited. Dairymen, Main Street.
Came Rev. Arthur C., B. A. Curate of Mexboro', 16 Helena Street.
Carruthers Thomas. Ironmonger, 31 High Street.
Carter G. Fenwick.
Civil Engineer & Surveyor, Council Offices; Prospect House, Doicliffe Rd.
Cavil! James.
Quarry Owner, Adwick Rd.
Chambers Mrs. Emma. Confectioner & Baker, 40 High Street.
Chambers Henry.
Grocer & Carter, 62 Bank Street.
Chambers Thomas. Greengrocer, 65 High Street.
Chambers Tom.
Butcher, 29 High Street.
Champneys Richard. Cowkeeper, 23 Hallgate.
Chappell George H.
Town Crier, High Street. Chester Brothers.
Plumbers & Glaziers, 10 Dodsworth Street.
Chipp Jacob.
Nurseryman & Gardener, 75 Church Street
Clark W. E. & Co.
Cycle Manufrs., 56 Bank Street.
Clarke Jn. Templeman. Watchman, 25 & 27 High Street.
Clarkson Bosdin James. Confectioner, 18 High Street, Conisboro'
Clayton James.
Shopkeeper, 72 Bank Street.
Clayton James.
h. West Street.
Clayton John.
Grocer & Provision Dealer, 41 Main St. & 80 High Street.
Cliff James Easton.
Jun. Fish Dealer, 60 High Street.
Coe Charles.
Tailor, West Street.
Coggins Charles.
Shopkeeper, 35 Helena Street. Commins Luke.
Lodging House, 29 Simpson Pl. Cooke Tom.
Hairdresser, 79 High Street. Coombes James & Co.
Boot Repairers, Main Street.
Cooper William & Co. Outfitters, 42 High Street.
Cooper Ernest.
Hairdresser, 124 Doncaster Rd. Cooper John.
Toy Dealer, 1 & 3 Bank Street.
Corbridge William Henry. Butcher, 106 High street.
Cottam Edwin & Co.
Steel Manufrs., Don Spring Works, Cliffe Street.
Creed John.
Bootmaker, 95 Market Street.

Extract from The Mexborough & Swinton Times, Dated August 27th 1921. Submitted by Vera Moxon.
On Saturday, at the Doncaster Police Court, Jno. Scott, Miner, Harry Reynolds, Grate Worker, Swinton, Alfred Waite, Jno. Squires, Jno. Downing, and Richard Hutchinson, Miners, Mexborough, were summoned for gaming at "banker" at Mexborough. Police Officers were concealed, and got within ten yards of the "school" and then rushed them. Reynolds picked up the money and cards which were lying on the floor, and tried to bolt.
Hutchinson gave a wrong name, and when told that they would be reported, Scott said, " Tha' will get nowt off me!" Scott had been before the Court four times for gambling, and there were also offences proved against Waite and Hutchinson. Scott was fined 3. Waite and Hutchinson 30s., and Reynolds, Squire and Downey 20s.