Last month I informed you of a number of small pocket diaries which had been donated to our society. These were printed for Mexborough Urban District Council from it creation in 1895, and the ones donated carried a multitude of interesting facts and figures, and this month I would like to pick up where I left off last month.
To some of you, I realise, that this newsletter will seem none other than a boring list of streets and dates, but to others who actually live on the streets mentioned and are interested in finding out how old their property is, or indeed some information concerning it, this newsletter will be of the utmost interest.
To others it will be of interest for different reasons, and may answer queries concerning who was reasonability for the maintenance of certain areas. A while ago I had an enquiry from someone wanting to know who's responsibility it was to maintain The Red Lion Steps and Smithy Hill, this clearly shows that when these diaries were printed and Mexborough was under Mex. U.D.C. it was the council.
In these columns are listed nearly every street to be found in Mexborough, and it may be interesting in the future, to discover from where they derive their names. Such as Victoria Road and Albert Road which get their names from the roads which lead you to the Victoria and Albert Recreation Ground. Or College Road, the road to the college.
Private Streets Made by Mexborough Urban District Council Under the Private Street Work Act, 1892
Hartley Street Oct. 1896 Hope Street. Dec. 1896 Hallgate. August 1897. Crossgate. August 1897 Simpsons Place. Jan. 1899. Pitt Street. May 1899
Helena Street. May 1899
Victoria Road. May 1899. (Sewer Only). Albert Road. May 1899. (Sewer Only). Orchard Street. Dec. 1899.
Wood Street. April 1900. Schofield Street. Sept. 1900. John Street. Jan. 1901. Glasshouse Lane. Nov. 1901. Cliff Street. April 1902.
West Street. May 1902 Herbert Street. August 1902 New Street. Nov. 1902 Sarah Street. Nov. 1902
Montagu Street Feb. 1903 (Sewer Only).
Beaconsfield Street. Oct. 1903 Crossgate (New Part Continued). June 1904
Dodsworth Street. August 1904
Kirby Street. Jan. 1905 James Street. Oct. 1915 Belmont Street. Feb. 1906 Phoenix Street. April 1906 Clayfield Road. May 1906 Raikes Street. July 1906. Victoria Road. Jan. 1907. Albert Road. Nov. 1907. Britain Street. Sept. 1908. Flowitt Street. April 1909
Montagu Street. June 1909. Catherine Street. August 1909. Schofield St. (extension). July 1910. Oliver Street. Jan. 1911.
Back Passage to Makin Street
Feb. 1911. Makin Street. May 1911 Pym Road. Jan.. 1912. Rear of Flowitt St.,
Schofield St., etc. July 1912 Rear of Dodsworth Street, Hartley Street. Sept. 1912. West View Road. Nov. 1912. Cresswell Street. Dec. 1912. Raikes Street (Rear). Nov. 1913.
John Street. Dec. 1913 Shelley Street. July 1913. From rear of Shelley St., and Hope St.,
Also rear of Shelley St., and West St., July 1913. 22, Cromwell Road
to Milton Road. Nov. 1913 Wellington Street. June 1914.
Belle Vue Road. Sept. 1914. Lorna Road. Feb. 1924. Argyle Street. Sept. 1927. Kelvin Street. August 1928. Northgate. June 1929. Alexandra Road. July 1931.
Streets Under The Jurisdiction of Mexborough Urban District Council.
Main Street High Street Garden Street Sarah Street West Street Swinton Road Cliff Street
John Street West
Shelley Street Hope Street Phoenix Street
Dolcliffe Road Cromwell Road
Hampden Road
Bank Street Doncaster Road
Adwick Road Montagu Street Hall Gate
Hirst Gate
Pitt Street
Clay Lane
Smithy Hill
Cross Church Street
Pinfold Lane Quarry Street Melton Street Cross gate
Oxford Road
Market Street and Church Street Denaby Road
Leach lane
Schofield Street Oliver Street Flowitt Street Catherine Street Wellington street Argyle Street Northgate
Simpson's Place Wood Street Beaconsfield Street
Britain Street Belmont Street Dodsworth Street
Hartley Street Orchard Street Makin Street John Street East Herbert Street College Road Pym Road
Victoria Road Albert Road
Cemetery Road Park Road
Helena Street Kirby Street
West View Road Pastures Road Cresswell Street Raikes Street
Shelley Street and Hope Street
Backs of Shelley Street and West Street Backs of Hartley Street and Dodsworth Street
Backs of Schofield Street Etc.
Backs of Pitt Street and Makin Street.
Chapel Walk Steps
Tap Yard
Red Lion Steps
Belle Vue Road
Lorna Road
Harlington Lane
Kelvin Street
Alexandra Road from Adwick Road to No. 40
For Some Reason There Were Streets Which Did Not Come Under The Jurisdiction of Mexborough Urban District Council, These Were As Follows:
Aukland Road
Princess Road
Alexandra Road from No. 40 westward. Regent Place.
Milton Road
York Street
Charles Street
James Street (one side)
Woodfield Ave.
Clay Lane or as we now know it Clayfield Road. (From James St. Northward).
Hall Gate, from the intersection of Herbert Street and No. 40, North - East. George Place (Herbert Street).
Henry Place (Herbert Street).
Tyas Place (Herbert Street).
Foundry Lane.
West Gate.
Carlyle Road (Street).
Rupert Avenue.
Hewitt Street.
Ferryboat Lane.
Queen's Terrace.
Goulding Street.

Your Archivist
J.R. Ashby