May I remind those of you who receive your newsletters by post that it is now time to renew your subscriptions_ For new people wishing to apply for this service.could you please simply send to our Treasurer Mr. S. Linstead. 21 Church Street. Mexborough the sum of Ca being payment for 10 newsletters at 10p each plus C1 90p for stamps. The odd amount is for incidentals such as envelopes
At our last meeting I noticed some of our members making enquiries as to the arrangements for our weekend break and our day excursions. so to clarify the matter I thought it would be a good idea to have these arrangements written down for the benefit of all. They are as follows:-
25th May 1996 Warwick and Stratford - upon - Avon 6.50
6th July 1996 Durham 6.50
7th Sept 1996 Worcester 6.50
All our day excursions will depart from The New Masons' Arms at 8 a.m. and return to The New Masons' Arms at 7 p.m.
Our weekend to Bamburgh and Holy Island in Northumberland will depart at 6 p.m. from The New Masons' Arms on Friday 18th October 1996 and will return on Sunday 19th October 1996. Cost will be approx. C75 -5280
If you wish to attend any of the above could you please ring Cliff Blaydes on 588123 or Joyce Thompson on 582591
A few months ago a lady came to me and told me that part of what she thought could be a section of the old Montagu Cottage Hospital had been found beneath riental Chambers. Bank Street, Mexborough. and, as alterations were imminent. if we wished to record this for posterity then we had better get in contact with the owner of the firm and make arrangements for this as quickly as possible. This, of course, I attempted to do repeatedly but unfortunately I have had no reply to my numerous requests and therefore have come to the conclusion that they are not interested in having this recorded for the benefit of themselves and others in the future who wish to know what our town was like in the past.
At the beginning of April my copy of the Swinton Gazette free newspaper arrived and in it I noticed an article which I thought would be worth repeating for the benefit of those who do not receive this newspaper and are interested in tracing their family tree. The article states that the Archives and Local Studies Section of Rotherham Central Library has acquired copies of the indices to the 1881 censuses for the counties of Yorkshire, Derbyshire, and Nottinghamshire. The most useful section is the surname index which has been arranged in alphabetical order. If you wish to see this it is advisable to make an early appointment to use the microfiche reader as it will undoubtably be very popular.
This month I would like to base our newsletter on the 1851 census for
Mexborough which was kindly supplied by the Doncaster Society for Family History a few weeks ago, and for the sum of 1.75 are perfectly willing to provide anyone with a copy by post.

136 Pottery Workers of these were 3 Pottery and Earthenware Manufacturers. Henry Barker aged 22 yrs of Mexborough.
Joseph Beresford aged 34 yrs of Mexbro
John Reed aged 28 yrs of Kilnhurst
William Cresswell aged 50 yrs of Higham (Tile and Brick Maker)
100 Farmers and Agricultural Workers. Of these 16 were farmers.
Elizabeth Athron, 13 acres, aged 60 yrs of Wath
John Dickinson 123 acres. with 4 ernployees aged 36 yrs of Darton.
Benjamin Eley. aged 75 yrs of Mexbro
Joseph Lockwood. 100 acres aged 60 of Bolton - On-Dearne
John Machin. 46 acres aged 59 of Mexbro This man was also our Pinder
Joseph Machin. 9 acres aged 83 of Sprotbrough
Joseph Makin. 20 acres. aged 58 of Mexbro
George Marsh. 200 acres. with 4 employees aged 55 yrs of Wath
Charles Pashley, 20 acres. aged 70 yrs of Mexbro
John Roberts, aged 55 yrs of Shiregreen.
John Shaw, 32 acres, with one employee, aged 63 yrs of Mexbro
John Sutton, 42 acres, with 4 employees, aged 64 yrs of Cadeby
George Truelove, 10 acres. also blacksmith age N.K. of Billingley
Ann Ward, 22 acres. aged 69 yrs of Darfield
George Ward. aged 44 yrs of Bolton
Thomas Woffinden, 3 acres, aged 72 yrs of Hoyland.
John Canely. 112 acres, with 3 employees, aged 27 yrs of Mexbro.
76 Canal Workers of these 1 was a Boat Builder Peter VVaddington aged 31 yrs of Lower Ellers
1 was a ship owner Benjamin Beevers aged 60 yrs of Attercliffe.
50 Stone and Quarry Workers of these 2 were Quarry owners
John Palfreyman aged 39 yrs of Mexbro
Robert Carr aged 33 yrs of Rawmarsh.
31 Glassworkers of these 4 were Glassworks owners Joseph Baynom aged 35 yrs of Hunslet James Fowler aged 18 yrs of Castleford. James Tillotson aged 29 yrs of Hunslet. John Tillottson aged 30 yrs of Hunslet. Joseph Wilson aged 32 yrs of Castleford
Note here that Joseph Barron Junior is not mentioned and that only Thomas can be found listed as a Glass Works Labourer. I wonder if the census was drawn up prior to him moving here as Joseph Barron (Sen ) only came to live in Mexbro on 1st April 1850 and therefore had only lived here a short time before the census was done. He is mistakenly listed under the name of Barren
23 Railway Employees.
20 Iron Foundry Workers or Blacksmiths. Of these one was an Iron Foundry Owner
and Engineer, Samuel Barker aged 48 yrs of Burslem in Staff.
10 Butchers.
10 Boot and Shoemakers.
9 Carpenters.
9 Tailors.
9 Inn or Alehouse Keepers, Maltsters, etc.
George Lockwood aged 37 yrs of Bolton-on-Dearne Richard Middleton, aged 60 yrs of Wakefield.
John Parkin aged 46 yrs of Denaby.
Luke Parkins aged 42 yrs of Wath
Thomas Poulson aged 27 yrs of Mexbro George Sutton aged 25 yrs Maltster of Mexbro 8 Paupers
5 Grocers and Drapers
4 Men who rented out houses for a living.
William Cresswell aged 50 yrs of Higham.
Isaac Hitherington aged 77yrs of Mexborough. Joseph Hewitt aged 68 yrs of Doncaster
John Wood aged 71 yrs
4 Cordwainers
3 Servants
3 Clergy.
Leonard Hobson, aged 44 yrs of Mexbro Incumbent of Woodseats.
Leonard J. Hobson aged 73 yrs of Leeds incumbent o William Lovett aged 40 yrs of Swinton Parish Clerk
3 Engravers.
3 Lock Keepers.
William El ey aged 55 yrs of Wath
George Shepherd aged 28 yrs of Mexbro
John Shepherd aged 71 yrs of Denaby.
2 Teachers.
Ben. Culphin aged 28 yrs of St. Ives.
Joseph Henderson aged 54 yrs of Ireland,
2 Coopers.
2. Hucksters.
2 Engineers.
James Varley aged 22 yrs of Peterbrough
Joseph Varley aged 45 yrs of Slauight.
2 Millers.
John Hawksworth aged 19 yrs of Attercliffe.
Joseph Hawksworth aged 47 yrs of Rotherham.
1 Gamekeeper. Samuel Greenwood aged 66 yrs of Walshford.
1. Chelsea Pensioner. William Kelso aged 53 of St. Lucia. West India.
1. Horse Breaker.
1 Pottery Hawker
1 Model Maker. George Guest aged 37 yrs of Birdwell. 1 Druggist. William Birks aged 30 yrs of Ardsley.
1 Toll Bar Collector. Henry Newborn aged 40 yrs of Haxey. 1 Coal Leader
1 Coachman. John Blades aged 52 yrs of Barnsley.
1 Weaver. Samuel Mitchell aged 23 yrs of Blagden.
1 Farrier and Cow Leach (primitive type of Vet.).
William Booth aged 47 yrs of Doncaster.
1 Tinker.
1 Hawker
1 Coal Miner. William Stocks aged 52 yrs of Leeds.
1 Ferryman. Samuel Swallow aged 45 yrs of Bramley.
1 Doctor Edward Carmichael M.R.C.S. aged 28 yrs of Edinburgh.
444 ladies and girls with no occupation written following their name. (I can only presume that they were looking after the family home.)
36 Domestic Servants.
10 Dressmakers. 10 Housekeepers. 10 Paupers.
4 Pottery Warehousewomen.
4 Washerwomen.
3 Milliners.
3 Shopkeepers.
3 Annuitants (one who receives regular payments from an annuity).
2 Staymakers.
2 Mangle Keepers.
2. Teachers.
Elizabeth Day aged 52 yrs of Mexborough.
Sarah Culphin aged 24 yrs of Ecclesfield.
1 Farm Labourer. 1 Potter.
1 Potter's Transferrer.
1 Garden Labourer. 1 Hawker.
1 Grocer and Draper.
1 Nurse. This Being. Ann Lewis aged 51 yrs of Staff'.
1 Huckster.
1 Poultry Dealer.
1 Flour and Bacon Dealer.
28 children under the age of 15 yrs were employed, these consisting of 17 boys and 11 girls. 9 of these in the pottery trade.
80 children in Mexbro went to school Thirty of these were girls and of these 30 only 8 were educated over the age of 8 yrs Only 3 girls in our town were educated over the age of 10 yrs the oldest being Emily Glassby aged 14 years.
There have been quite a few surprises with this census, the first being that no locations are given to ascertain where people lived, as can be found on deeds etc. written up at this time. The older census returns were undertaken with the express purpose of finding the population of a town and not to discover where people lived and under what conditions.
The second surprise to me was that Thomas Barron's elder brother Joseph Barron (Jun) and Joseph's family are not mentioned at all, although Benjamin Rylands, John and James Tillotson (there is some discrepancy in the spelling of their names on the census) and Joseph Wilson all of whom came over from Castleford with them are mentioned At first I also believed that Thomas Barron's father and mother Joseph and Ann were also missing from the census but then I found them listed under the name of Barren with Joseph described as being a Whitesmith, I'm afraid to say that this occupation in the glasstrade escapes me.
To find just one miner in our town was another shock. I realise that this was
prior to the sinking of deep shaft mines in this area, but there were still a few Bell Pits and therefore I expected to find a few miners here. To find just one really
astonished me.
The amount of what we would call today overcrowding I expected to find but not to this degree, for example The Old Farm, which a member of my family owns, was in those days owned by the Earl of Mexborough and occupied by the family of John and Mary Shaw. In those days this consisted of a loft 12ft. x 24ft., two bedrooms 12ft. sq. and another 12ft. x 8ft. a kitchen, scullery. living room. dairy, and single room extension 12ft. sq. was occupied by 20 people. It did have a few cottages built to its rear but these seem to have been occupied by other families.
In the future we hope to acquire more census returns for Mexborough. so if you wish to consult them please do not hesitate to ask. likewise with the 1851 census which was the basis of this newsletter.
Your Archivist J. R Ashby